Thursday, December 9, 2021

Raw Indian Hair Wholesale and Suppliers


Raw Hair Enterprises are top-ranked Raw Indian Hair Wholesale that offers the finest quality of Raw and virgin hairs. All the Raw Indian Hair that we supply is collected from the temples of South India. Our Hair is available in natural, curly, wavy, or straight styles. We feel proud to ensure consistent quality while supplying Raw Indian Wholesale to our beloved customers.

We supply both Raw and Virgin Hair, but what is the difference between them? Let’s find out.

Difference between Raw Indian Hair and Virgin Hair

Raw Hair is considered the type of Hair with no chemical exposure or treatment while manufacturing. It is not undergone through any steam or heating processes. A stack of Raw Hair only includes one colored Hair.

While on the other hand, Virgin Hair is the Hair that has not been color-treated, dyed, bleached, straightened, or curled.

Raw Indian Hair

·         It is collected from donors in one region like temples

·         Usually, it lasts longer as it directly obtained from the donor

·         The common texture of Raw Indian Hair is normally included straightened and curly.

Virgin Hair

·         Virgin Hair can easily dye any color as it's never been dyed earlier.

·         It lasts for a comparatively longer time.

·         It's available in different textures, including deep curl, body waves, kinky, deep curl, etc.

Why Indian Raw Hair Wholesale and Suppliers are popular?

Indian Raw Hair is 100% natural and lustrous. Moreover, the cuticles are kept intact, increasing their long-lasting effect and strength. Cuticles are conserved, which makes them look realistic.

It is comparatively thick and flexible, which lets you try Unlimited hairstyles. One more thing is that other Hair is sourced from beauty salons, but Indian Raw Hair directly gets from temples. Therefore, Raw Indian Wholesale and Suppliers are popular worldwide, and people love to try it out due to all these characteristics.

Who is the best Raw Indian Hair Wholesale and Suppliers?

Are you looking for the world’s best Raw Indian Hair Wholesale and Suppliers? Then Raw Hair Enterprises is the best one to buy. We collect the Hair directly from the South temples, where donors shave their prayers as a part of their tradition and prayers. And then cleaned them out and properly sanitized them before manufacturing extensions and wigs.

Why Raw Hair Enterprises for Raw Indian Hair Wholesale and Suppliers?

Raw Hair  Enterprise is one of the thirst companies with years of experience in this field. We have been supplying Raw Indian Hair after collecting from temples and cleaning them with proper sanitized techniques.

With 20 years of experience, we offer 100% raw hair extensions, virgin hairs, tape-in wigs and frontal closures, Clip-in extensions.

Moreover, our gorgeous keratin Hair extensions are natural finest with no chemical exposure. There’s no tangling or shedding, only silky and smooth-looking Hair that gives great volume to your Natural Hair.


Contact with the best Raw Indian HairWholesale and Suppliers immediately and carry the hairstyles whatever you want. Our Raw Indian Hair is available at affordable prices. So, what could you desire more?



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