Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What is Raw Indian Hair?

 Raw Indian Hair is the best quality hair extension across the world as it is 100% raw and natural. It offers you a chance to increase hair volume and give an elegant look to your hairstyles. These Hair is carefully preserved from Indian temples and waived in manufacturing rooms.

Read the article until the end and thoroughly know more about Raw Indian Hair.

What is Raw Indian Hair?

Raw Indian Hair is undoubtedly natural Hair that produces from a human's scalp and has zero exposure to chemicals. More likely, people tended to have non-uniform curls ringlets and waved instead of the finest wave from top to roots in their heads. Its name defines it the same it relates.

This is the pure quality of human Hair as the cuticle is maintained entirely undamaged and pure. Cuticles of hairs are protected and lined up in unidirectional style to create flawless extensions that look completely natural.

Raw Hair has a non-constant curly pattern that splits ends; the colors of extensions may differ. To examine whether you have high-quality Indian raw Hair, move a strand between your index finger and thumb. Hair strand will experience soft going towards the direction of hair growth (downward).

Moreover, you will perceive some resistance as you run your hand in the reverse direction. This resistance is the sign that the cuticle is there and has been un-stripped. Any hair with a flawless uniform arrangement is not more likely raw Indian Hair.

How long does Raw Indian Hair last?

Raw Indian Hair is one of the top recommendations for durability, thickness, and flexibility than any other hair extension. It has a natural appearance as it mingles greatly with your natural hairs. It can last more than 2 years but depends upon how you take care of them.

Reasons why it is highly preferred

It has some extraordinary features that any other extension may lack; therefore, it fascinates most people.

        Its beautiful texture

        The natural dark tone that proves best for hair weaving styles

        It can style in any desired look and stays until the event ends.

Let’s talk about the different gorgeous features of Indian Natural Hair.


These Hair have different patterns from deep curly to highly straight or slightly wavy to straight. These natural hairs are usually available in three patterns, natural straight(slightly wavy), curly and natural wavy. Moreover, you can also use a curly tong or flat to style up in any style. No one can stop you to styled up when you have Indian Raw Hair.

      Texture and color

Indian Hair is available in natural shades like black, dark brown, or similar colors. These natural hairs lack specific color codes; there may be a slight variation between bundles.

One more great aspect is that with the help of a professional Hairstylist, you can blend two different colors to enhance versatility and volume. So, go and get the best extension ever.

How to take care of Raw Hair?

For having silky, smooth, tangle-free gorgeous Hair for a long-time, take care of your Raw Indian Hair, the same as your natural hairs. Comb your Hair Regularly. If you apply any hair styling product to your extensions, wash them with good shampoo and conditioner.

This styling product may leave chemical residue that might damage the finest quality of your Hair. So, maintain and take care of your raw hair and achieve whatever style you want.


Nothing else can beat the elegance of Indian Raw Hair. It comparatively lasts longer with high durability, versatility, and texture. Give it a try. And you’ll be going to love it.

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